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Crusader Build

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Greetings and welcome; to Mordrid's Class Builds for


Likely; you've already seen my Knight build and decided to check this out. If not, feel free to head over there after reading this.

These builds are meant for players who are either unfamiliar with the Swordsman class or fiddled around and aren't quite sure what to do.

They include rough stats and skills.

The two most common Crusader builds are Full Tank and Grand Cross.

Be aware, these builds are set for the 99/50, so excess stats/skill points should be allotted where needed following the build or going where you want.

Full Tank

Str 91-93
Agi 1
Vit 91-93
Int 32-41
Dex 21
Luck 2-3

1H Sw M 10
Increase RP 10
Bash 10
Provoke 5
Magnum Break 10
Endure 4

Cure 1
Faith 10
Auto Guard 7
Sh Charge 3
Sh Boomerang 3
Reflect Sh 7
HC 6
GC 4
Devotion 4
Defender 4


Grand Cross

Str 45
Agi 1
Vit 89
Int 89
Dex 25
Luk 2

1H Sw M 10
Increase RP 10
Bash 10
Provoke 5
Magnum Break 10
Endure 4

Faith 10
Auto Guard 10
Sh Charge 5
Sh Boomerang 4
HC 10
GC 10

Warning; GC will eat your HP, the damage it does is based off a combo of your Atk+Matk. I.e. Your Str and Int. At a bare minimum it will eat roughly 20% of your current HP. There are cards to help decrease the damage you take, but 20% is the minimum and can't be reduced any further by any means.

Credits to owner : MordridtheBlack

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