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September 8, 2019

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  • 0 items have been dropped, even if some were dropped.
  • Achievement EXP change to official values.
  • Fixed item transfer using RODEX  ( Issue : When you remove an item, the weight will be 0. )
  • Remove Attendance checker script.
    With this you can automatically get attendance reward without doing any quest ( As a normal configuation ).


  • Added CLASS MANAGER NPC located at morocc 155 107
    This NPC will allowed you to rest your job and go back to novice but dont worry the NPC will save your previous job level, skill points and stats.
    You are able to overwrite your previous job before and save again your current one.
    You can reset your job every time you like for 500 cash points.
  • Added Playtime NPC
    This npc will count how long did you play ingame and give you a event ticket in exchange.
  • End of Card Exchange NPC event.
  • Added new Headgear Quests:
    Pagdayaw NPC quest located at ein_dun01 42 268
    New Wave Sunglasses NPC Quest located at verus04 62 227
    Poison Breath NPC Quest located at pay_fild02 102 240
  • Added new quest items at Granger NPC
    Side Hat ( str + 5 reduce demin human damage 5% ).
    Spike Headphone ( All Stats +5 )
    Beast Taurus
    LHZ Auras ( Blue, Green, Gold, Black).
  • Added preparation patch for overseas package

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