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August 18, 2019

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  • Woe rewards will now give multiple items e.g +10 stats foods.
  • Disguise event will now give Event Tickets
  • Corrected some dialogues on illusion of vampire NPC's.
  • Removed some wrong quests on illusion of vampire.


  • Corrected pet bonuses not applying on intimacy changes.
    Pet bonuses are refreshed when changing intimate values.
  • Abyss and Glast heim dungeon drop change:
    The following drops are considered party drops , which means drops are calculated individually per party member and drop identified.
    Bubble gum will not affect the drop rate of these items.


  • Fixed some korean lang items.


  • Starting zeny is now reduced to 50k. ( The report has been sent many times and telling that you can abuse it by making a new character and delete and again

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