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August 4, 2019

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  • Starting zeny is now change from 500k zeny to 5 Million zeny.
  • Freebies NPC revamp ! ( NPC will now give the following items in character bound ).
  • Guild will now receives double the player's taxed exp.
  • Added Magma Dungeon 3F.
  • Increase character storage limit from 300 to 700.
  • Added Old Glast Heim 3F warper NPC located at gl_cas01 205 36.
    Take note you need atleast level 175 and 10k zeny to able to go inside the dungeon.
  • Added Magma Dungeon 3 menu on warper NPC.
  • Added warp portal magma dungeon for magma dungeon 3.


  • New Freebies:
    Red Fairy wing ( +2 all stats )
    Battle Manual 5pcs
    Gold coins 50pcs ( to be converted to cash points on main office )
    vip ticket 1 day
    Bubble gum 5pcs
  • Added Lava set item drop to all monsters inside the Magma Dungeon 03.
  • Added Missing item drop on MVP monster inside the Magma Dungeon 03.


  • Added Mister Morby - The dead branch and Bloody branch maker NPC.
    Simple item trade-in quest, a person can get a Dead Branch by simply providing the items:
    Log x3 (7201), Wooden Heart x1 (7189), 
    Trunk x5 (1019), and Wooden Gnarl x1 (7222)
    Poring coins 3
    Chance of getting a bloody branch after completing a quest.


  • Added new Headgear Quest NPC
    Quests: Bird Nest, Lion Mask, Skeleton Manteau,Fashion Hip Sack & Sales Banner
    Location : gonryun 187 140
  • Added Sphinx Mask Quest
    Location : morocc 208 90
  • Added Thanatos Tower Statues Quest
    First guide maker for this quest to be posted on our forum will be rewarded 1 month VIP Ticket !
  • Added Lord Kaho Horn Quest
    Location : geffen 115 107
  • Pintados Festival is now active 24/7!

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