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New contents that will be updated within 2019

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On the 17th anniversary.

We'll introduce the future contents which we're working on.


1. Episode 17.2 : Varmundt's Mansion

Then new episode "Varmundt's Mansion" will be updated within 2019.

The trace of Illusion lead us to the mansion of "Great sage Varmundt".

New dungeons, New monsters and new equipment await!


2. New Madogear appearance

We are working on new Madogear appearance as Dev note mentioned before. (We are also working on new cart design to match new Madogear appearance too.)

Player can choose between old appearance and new appearance.

(We are also working on new mount of Gunslinger classes)





3. Glast Heim : Challenge mode reworking

Next week (July 24th) we'll rework Glast Heim : Challenge mode on the maintenance by removing the maximum damage limit as many player suggested. So boss's MaxHP will be increased


4. Adds 2 new modifiers.

We introduce 2 new modifiers which are under development.

First is "melee physical damage modifier", quite similar to long ranged physical damage modifier.


Second is reflect damage no longer trigger auto-spell. :shy:



And we'll add a new modifier "reduces damage taken from melee reflect damage".



Those 2 new modifiers will be added in EP 17.2 update.


5. Classes Improvement Project : 7th

5.1. Rune Knight

- Some skill will has a chance to trigger critical damage.

- Hundred Spear will deal more damage as heavier weapon.

- Changes some of Runestone effects.

- Dragon Breath and Dragon Breath - Water gain new effect depending on active Runestone, such as changing their property.


5.2. Guillotine Cross

- Dark Claw will remove reflect buff on target.

- Improves area of effect of Rolling Cutter and casting condition of Cross Ripper Slasher after rotating.

- Poisonous Weapon will give the user new effect on weapon depends on type of Guillotine Cross's poison which is endowing.

- Adjusts attack motion and cast range of Cross Impact.


5.3. Genetic

- Improves some skills of Sera, Bayeri, Eira and Eleanor.

- Improves combat mode of Homunculus.

- Improves Cart Cannon damage formula.

- Improves efficiency of skills which consume item.


6. Stall Improvement

You'll can change vending items price without closing vending stall.


source : Devs note / Divine Pride

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