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Balance Process

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Hi there folks, me and @Houndeye already talked about this thing and we would like to hear from you guys what is your idea about this, we would like to re-balance some stuffs in-game, like Excile warrior rewards and some NPC quest requirements.

Here's the main focus of the changes.
- Think that the changes is not easy and not too hard.
- Reliable to make in a certain time or day.

Note : You can include all NPC's around the server.

Thank you for reading :thx:

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My two bits,

1. Some of the head gear quests are way too roundabout to or too grindy, so i suggest a review of headgear quests and their requirements. 

2. Costume headgears should not have quests. They should be either from the costume shop, or from random boxes/drops.

3. Nerfing Bio 5, bio 5 content is pretty much impossible to solo, I understand that it was intentionally done that way to encourage party play, but I don't think that works here, specially when you can't tp around in the map, and the requirements for the headgear enchants/creation is so high. This kinda also applies to all instances which have drops which require large quantities for use.

Will edit this later with more stuff.

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