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November 1, 2019

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  • Fixed an issue with players getting removed from the queue when being warped into the battlegrounds.
  • Mega.nz full installer on website has been change to mediafire.
  • Added new command @questroom

Skill Database

Monster Database

  • Abyss Glast Heim and Magma Dungeon F3.
    > Updated Mob Drops to be empty again, except Shadowdecon/Zelunium and their Cards.
  • Updated Mob Stats according to Divine-Pride.net Database. Sky Fortress Instance.
    > Updated Mob Stats and Drops according to Divine-Pride.net
  • Updated mobs inside Devil Square Event.
    > Treasure chest has been change to ancient mimic monster.
    > Adjusted some monster behavior and monster spawns.


  • Healer NPC Update.
    > Healer NPC will never deletes the special effect of an item when identified like crimson weapon effect.
    > Added more buffs when you are on VIP States.
  • Item Dealer NPC.
    > Change costume items price from 350 GC to 50 GC on item dealer NPC.
  • Fixed Instance cool down NPC will now reset Geffen Magic Tournament.
  • Added King of Emperium hill Flag at Prontera map.
  • Slot Machine.
    > kafra card has been replaced to prize of hero.
  • Mining Area.
    > Item drop rate inside mining area has been increased by 20% more.
  • Instance time limit changes.
    > Endless Tower = every 5 hours.
    > Infinite Space = every 1 hour.
    > Endless Cellar = every 5 hours.
  • Jumper Event.
    > Jumper Event will no longer gives 1 event ticket only ! new reward 5 event tickets !.

Quest Database

  • Added Quest room using @questroom command.

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Item Database

  • Crown Of Deceit Box will now give 2 random item when you open it.
    > Crown Deceit Helm and Costume Crown Deceit Helm. The quest of this item is now available inside the quest room use @questroom command.

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