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October 27, 2019

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  • Resolves item bonus SkillUseSPRate not decreasing SP usage.

Skill Database

Item Database


  • Laphine System Fixed Gold Statue enchant.
  • Fixed OGH Normal Mode doesn't giving any instance coins.
  • Fixed Temple of demon god continuously spawn the monster at the first map.
  • Fixed Instance cool down NPC doesn't reset Geffen Magic Tournament.
  • Removed Party Restriction on hunting ground A.K.A Excile Warrior NPC.
  • Thanatos Tower Minor Fix Added summoner job quest.
  • Fixed Endless Cellar Monster and Floor bug.
  • Poring catcher event will run now at 00:00 / 02:00 / 06:00 and 08:00 Server Time.
  • Added missing Poison Herb Merchants (Guillotine Cross) at Ligthalzen Town.

Quest Database

  • This will be update daily, we will add more quest items on Granger NPC.

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Patch note :

> Converted some official items Korean language to English.

Don't forget to patch you client. :no1:

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