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  1. Ragnar900


    Cant find gemstones on the list in para market.
  2. Ragnar900

    Refine tickets

    Just a question. I have tickets safe +13,14,15,16,17,18 droping out of Devil square chests. Description says that should be npc using it. Also it says there is a chance to fail but without downgrading or braking the item. I spoke about it to Hound. He told me that you are going to implement noc. Going to check this too mate? Thanks a lot
  3. Ragnar900

    Server closed

    Great. Hope you didnt forget to lower payment for summoning MVP in MVP room😘 Summoned HWK and all was fine yesterday. Btw i wrote a review on ratemyserver.net👌
  4. Ragnar900

    Server closed

    How long server will be closed?
  5. Ragnar900

    Zelunium ore

    Would like to know where to purifiy zelunium ore into zelunium?
  6. Ragnar900


    Shame Dus the Smith is opened on weekends only (thats what he said) or I am mistaken? He sells blacksmith blessing which i desire.
  7. Ragnar900


    Hi Nothing exept orc warlord tokken is showing at paramarket. The other thing stone of sage - 20k? Not too low? Why to low it anyway? You still need to spend time to farm it. Thanks
  8. Ragnar900

    New Maps

    May I know for how long?
  9. Ragnar900

    New Maps

    How can we acces the new maps? There is nothing on warper npc. Thanks
  10. Ragnar900

    Storm stone

    Where can I get Storm Stone? It makes a set with gelerdria spear. We can create gelerdria, but need the other item too. Thank you
  11. Ragnar900

    Temporal ring

    Thank you mate. You can close it.
  12. Ragnar900

    Monocle sloted

    Is there a quest for sloted monocle? If yes where is it? Thank you
  13. Ragnar900

    Temporal ring

    Ok. So if my temporal dex boots has speed of light then that make it set with temporal ring. Right?
  14. Ragnar900

    Temporal ring

    Hope you going to solve this shortly mate.
  15. Ragnar900

    Temporal ring

    I think its not the same one. Temporal is from cash shop. Have a look. It has set bonuses with bears power, howk eye etc.