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  1. Houndeye


    You need to be patient, Polly also has a Real Life and is working as well. She tries her best to manage the server by herself.
  2. Houndeye

    Zelunium ore

    In Geffen Smithy - Christopher
  3. Houndeye

    Server Give away date

    Don't forget to skip me tho xD. As I'm not really active in this case haha.
  4. Houndeye

    Vote for points

    If you login on the website, the last tab "Addons", hover over it and you can see "Vote for Points".
  5. Houndeye

    Adding more features on our forum and server

    Small update about these features, I partially installed them, but for the vote for points, Polly needs to do the final part, which I'm unable to do. For the character generator: It partially works as well, but found a different way to add it, so you need to wait for it a bit longer....
  6. Houndeye

    Adding more features on our forum and server

    I will see what I can do.
  7. Houndeye

    Adding more features on our forum and server

    Do you mean this by char generator? https://herc.ws/board/topic/12455-avatar-and-signature-generator-fluxcp-addon/
  8. Houndeye

    Webpage Host Migration

    I was able to move the Forum to the current webhost! I will now shut down the old one. If you by chance find any bugs or issues, report them directly via PM or in Discord to me :).
  9. Houndeye

    Webpage Host Migration

    After gaining access to the current webhost, I saw that I might be able to move the forum over there, but gonna test that first.
  10. Houndeye

    Webpage Host Migration

    That's a separate thing, not affected my the webpage. Polly is trying his best to provide you guys with new stuff.
  11. Houndeye

    Webpage Host Migration

    Hello community! Me and Polly just decided to move the webpage from the current host to the new host where the forum is located on and order a real domain for it. This will happen in the next few days (depending on the required time and processes it needs), but before we will announce the real move, we have to test everything of it's functionality. Regards, Houndeye aka Chris
  12. Houndeye

    Adding more features on our forum and server

    Don't you have vote for points installed in in the control panel?
  13. Houndeye

    Card Exchanger NPC Event

    See here for more Information:
  14. Houndeye

    Forum to Discord Integration

    Small screenshot how to syncronize your forum account with Discord: In short: Account Settings > Discord
  15. Houndeye

    Forum to Discord Integration

    I enabled now the Discord Integration for this Forum. What this Integration enables: Login via Discord Username Posts will be posted in #forum-post automatically Events placed in the Calender of the forum will also be automically posted. There is also the "Magic Invites" feature, but need to figure out that first before I can tell you more about it. Regards, Houndeye